ABI 2022

21 delegates
8 nationalities
8 companies
1 Multinational Team Project
ECATA 2022
Multinational Team Project

"Aerospace industry work together to meet The 2035-2050 Environmental Challenge"

The challenge has already started to tackle overall emissions and energy consumptions from now to 2050 (including existing products and tech, and increasing market demand resulting from technology leaps). How would a roadmap aligned between industry actors look like?

Watch the ECATA 2022 webinar on Sustainable Aviation - Pathways for a Greener Tomorrow!

ABI 2021

16 delegates
5 nationalities
6 companies
1 Multinational Team Project

ECATA 2021
Multinational Team Project

"The Era of Open Innovation in Aerospace"

Open innovation (OI) is not a new phenomena; however the adoption of open OI in aerospace has lagged behind other sectors, leaving many to question, why so? There are often attempts to rationalise the status quo; IP, regulation and tiered supply chains. However, the path to a more sustainable future is a complex and uncertain one; status quo is no longer an option. How can OI be employed to accelerate new sustainable and value add solutions?

Watch the replay of the MTP webinar  given on Nov 30th 2021.

ABI 2020

21 delegates   

8 nationalities
8 companies
1 Multinational Team Project

ECATA 2020
Multinational Team Project

"Holistic Implementation Plan for Aviation Step Change"

The number of “aviation firsts”, breakthroughs, step changes and innovations has constantly declined since the introduction of the jet age.

Under increasing pressure from society’s environmental concerns and long-term business sustainability challenges, the aviation community needs to make a significant step in the next decade.

The ECATA delegates will define a Disruptive Aircraft System Concept and map the impacts on the aviation ecosystem, telling the storyline of the future of aviation and delivering a Holistic Implementation Plan to achieve an aviation step change

Watch the replay of the MTP webinar and the ECATA learning experience presentation given on Oct 28th 2020.

ABI 2019

21 delegates

8 nationalities
8 companies
1 Multinational Team Project

ECATA 2019
Multinational Team Project

"The Exploitation of Artificial Intelligence in Future Aircraft Systems"

The ECATA 2019 project team analysed the roles that Artificial Intelligence can play in future aerospace and defence platforms and how European industry and academia can work closer together in order to exploit AI.

The project was conducted over a 10-week period and included an intensive research phase to map the AI landscape to identify key challenges and opportunities for AI and to propose solutions and recommendations to address these challenges.

Watch the replay of the MTP presentation April 16th 2019.

ABI 2018

23 delegates
7 nationalities
9 companies
1 Multinational Team Project
ECATA 2018
Multinational Team Project

The Multinational Team Project :

"Simple & Robust Aircraft -> Challenging the Trend of Increasing Complexity"

Multinational Project Team has been evaluating the complexity of design, engineering process, supply chain and organisation within various sectors (including Aerospace, Space and Automotive) to define strategies to tackle and manage complexity. These new strategies have been tested by the team in a sample case of a mission system for a 2030+ European fighter aircraft.


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