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Aerospace Business Integration Executive Education
Profesional development aimed at the future leaders of 
Aerospace business

Organised by
The European Consortium for Advanced Training in Aerospace
jointly run by the leading aeropsace industry and universities.

Over 25 years of cooperation and
networking experience

1500 European aerospace professionals involved over time

500 highly qualified
lecturers contributed to ECATA

450 alumnis ECALAS members

ECATA Partners
Institutes of Higher Education in Aerospace

In partnership 
with the European Aerospace Industry


The premier choice of training intervention for global aerospace companies when looking to enhance the leadership capabilities of their future programme directors


Strengthen the European aerospace industry with a unique Aerospace Business Integration  Executive Programme for high potential professionals from the business


Take into account the increasing complexity of aerospace industry to prepare top leaders for tomorrow


opened Jan. 15th, 2018

ECATA ABI Course 2018 :

  • ETSIAE Madrid (Period I)
  • TU Munich (Period II)
  • TU Delft (Period III).


ECATA Course Alumni Association is the living network gathering the 450 graduates from the ECATA ABI course since 1992.

The dynamic ECALAS association  constitutes an effective European network that is useful for current and future European Aerospace challenges in the world.

The ECATA members from Academia and Industry, together with ECALAS, have over 25 years of cooperation and networking experience, in sustaining competitiveness of Europe in the worldwide Aerospace market.


  • "The ECATA programme is the only European programme that creates lasting relationships across leading Aerospace companies with the specific objective of these relationships creating a better European Aerospace capability."

    ECATA 1991

    Managing Director Combat Air - BAE SYSTEMS
  • “Apart from business topics, the personality development and team building exercises in ABI are really world class. We got introduced to multiple tools to check the team dynamics and needs of diverse, multicultural teams working in complex projects with tough deadline. ABI is truly a remarkable experience in my career.”

    ECATA 2016

     A. Thinket Selvan
    M&P Engineer - AIRBUS
  • “ECATA was life changing for me; not because of a classical career progression, but because I decided to provoke my company to revolutionise itself after I completed the course. I could see that the world was changing faster than the industry and I felt compelled to act. I began a journey that has rocked Airbus with disruptive thinking and ways of working: more collaboration, less structure, more humanity and more innovation.”

    ECATA 2015

    Systems Innovation and Research Manager - AIRBUS
  • “ECATA course has widen my understanding of our industry from a strategic standpoint along the global aerospace value chain. This programme is a real opportunity to open your mind on new topics. Later on, it gave me the willing to evolve within my company towards a job dealing with another part of the engine life cycle and much more business oriented.”

    ECATA 2015

    K. Florentin
    Customer Program Manager - Safran Aircraft Engines
  • “ECATA experience gives the opportunity to have a break in a career. Bringing together this variety of nationalities, companies and characters is very enriching and gives unique points of views. ”

    ECATA 2015

    E. Rocca
    Program support manager -  Dassault Aviation 

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