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“Innovation, Information & Collaboration in a Complex Environment”

11 & 12th OCTOBER 2018

BAE Systems Academy for Skills & Knowledge (ASK) SAMLESBURY, UK

Start 08:30 on the 11th October 

The Seminar will provide a platform for an exchange of views on this topic. Speakers from Industry and Academia will present on technological and business model innovation. There will also be lectures which explore the leadership aspects of innovation. There will also be room for discussion and exchange of experience with a view to use the ECALAS network to influence debate on innovation in our industry.

Attendance to the seminar is free of charge, but provision of a registration form for security and admission is mandatory.
For registration either please complete the online registration form or complete & send the form on page 9 of the brochure.
Schedule is detailed in the brochure...

Accommodation (delegates to book directly) 
Recommended Hotel Marriott – Preston
• The ECALAS Dinner will be held here
• A Special room rate is available for ECALAS attendees, which can be accessed here
• A coach pick up will be available on the mornings of the 11th & 12th.

We recommend arriving the night before (10th October).
A coach has been arranged to transport delegates staying at the Preston Marriott to the ASK.  
Delegates will need to make their own arrangements from the ASK to the airport at the end of the day, taxis can be arranged upon request. 



International collaboration within aerospace projects has been common place for decades in order to share costs, share risk, IP, and preserve skills along with developing technologies. But often international collaborative projects are associated with delays, partner disagreements, shifting requirements and ultimately slow development timescales. Emerging opportunities in both the military and civil sectors show no sign of this trend changing; with an ever increasing number of projects coming with an associated insistence of industrial collaboration in order to transfer knowledge and IP.
Coupled with a shift in the working culture enabled through mobile IT and the emergence of the 'Millennial' generation, it is unlikely that the working practices and the pace of progress of past projects will appeal to the newer generation. Industry will need to adapt and embrace this shifting work culture or run the risk of losing new talent to other industries or the non-traditional competition such as Google, Amazon, SpaceX and smaller start up initiatives.
This year's ECALAS seminar will focus on these challenges and the opportunities presented by emerging technologies and a culture where innovation is more accessible than ever before, considering:
o How can new projects be designed with collaboration in mind
    • Development processes
    • Changes to the product lifecycle
    • System / responsibility Segregation
    • Modularity
    • New manufacturing techniques
    • Designing for change
o New partnership models
    • Do 'all partners are equal' models work or is it better to have a single decision maker
o What are technological enablers to working in a more international, collaborative environment
o How can development processes such as AGILE help us
o How can projects improve the pace of the decision making process
o What is the safety and security implications of this shifting environment
o What's next after the millennial generation

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