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International Aerospace Environment

Global A&D Business Environment
• Issues when launching a new product
• Customer expectations (Airlines, Air forces….)
• Business case and financing
Europe, US, Asian and BRIC Countries Markets
European Industry Consolidation
Policy and Legal Issues

• EU & governments policies
• EASA: European airworthiness issues.

Block 1 aims at providing a global comprehensive overview of the moving Aerospace Business environment.
A new programme means much more than developing a technically sound product. It must meet customers performance needs at right time, competitive price and low operational costs.

Huge investments should be made in due time with risk-sharing between partners, often at international level implying political negotiations.

System Integration & Technologies

Cutting-Edge Technologies in Aeronautics
Trends in System Engineering and Integration
Cases Studies on Complex Integrated Systems

• Aerodynamics, Wings, Propulsion
• Avionics, Fly-by-Wire
• Payload: passengers, weapons
Supply Chain Challenge
Industry 4.0

• Big Data, Internet of Things
• Digital Enterprise, Cyber Security

Block 2 illustrates the design and development of a complex product together with the main methodologies and tools involved in the integration process.
Production, operation and maintenance constraints should be taken into account in the early phase of the design. The spirit of innovation within aerospace industry drives changes in the supply chain with quick ramp up and growing integration and digitization while assuring premium quality.

Multinational Programme Management

Aerospace Programme Management
in a Multipartners Multinational Environment

• Project planning
• Risk and Quality
• Product support
• Cost control
Supply Chain Management
Skills requirements

Project Management Case Studies
• Civil and Military
Team Project Management Coaching.

Block 3 deals with the methods to be used for Programme Management within aerospace companies operating in a multinational environment for the development of large and costly aerospace programmes.
To learn these accurate management methods (phasing, organisation, quality management process and cost control), interactive lectures/seminars and case studies have been developed. The techniques are put into practice while working on the Multinational Team Project.


The seminars combine theory, practical exercises and role-playing games to offer the delegates the opportunity of knowing and evaluating themselves and knowing each other... They are distributed over Period 1 & Period 2.

Cultural Differences

• Communication in multicultural environment

• Cultural difference effects in teams, role of values

Team Building

• Understanding ourselves, our organisation

• Models of team development, team performance


• Decision making and problem solving

• Influencing others and negotiating, motivating


The MTP is proposed and supported by industry. Through the exploration of a highly topical issue for the aerospace industry, the participants are driven to perform beyond their comfort.

The full picture of MTP findings is presented in front of the ECATA governance (industry and institutes), ECALA representatives and invitees from the aerospace world.

2013 - “Right First Time”- Airbus & BAE Systems

2014 - “Small Series and Highly Customized Aircrafts” - Dassault Aviation

• 2015 - “The successful Management of Aerospace Programmes for 2020 and beyond“ - BAE Systems

2016 - “WIN4: Supplier, Engine Manufacturer, OEM, MRO, work together focused on End Customer satisfaction” - Airbus, Safran, Liebherr, Fokker.

2017 - “The Global Air System Evolution and Optimisation; Integration of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)” - Airbus, Dassault Aviation, Safran.

• 2018 - “Simple & Robust Aircraft: Challenging the Trend of Increasing Complexity” - Airbus, BAE Systems, Liebherr, Dassault Aviation, Saab, Safran.

• 2019 - "The Exploitation of Artificial Intelligence  in Future Aircraft Systems" - SAFRAN, SAAB, Dassault aviation, BAE Systems, AIRBUS

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